Cisco Webex Control Hub Renewal


Control Hub is a web portal place where admins and partners come to manage users, services, features, and devices. It is also the place where admins view the licenses across all your services.

Created at:

Cisco Systems Unified Collaboration Group Design Team, Control Hub


Whiteboard, Sketch, Figma, Webex


UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Web Design, Front-end Development


Rialto Product Team
Development Lead: Girish Patil
Product Manager: Angela Suraji
Content: Daniel Hills


The current Control hub is bi-portal experience where the admins have to go between two different portals (Control Hub and Rialto portal) to setup, edit and save their Calling features. Our goal is to bring the all the features into one Control Hub portal, with updated user experience, interaction and visual design.


  • Rialto is not designed by designers, but by developers, and it is not designed under Cisco style guide as it came into place when Cisco acquired BroadSoft.
  • Content, interaction and features are all in industry terms where regular everyday users don’t understand

Researching each Feature:

In order to migrate with UX improvement, the team came to gather to dissect and understand the features. Out of the 7 features, we dug deep into the most complicated features first, which is Auto Attendant, Hunt Group and Call Queue. Once we have these features down, we saw that we would be able to update and migrate other features with ease.

The biggest challenge was the vocabulary used in the features were hard to understand, so we worked with the developers who created Rialto Portal and product manager to understand and test the features with our own accounts.

Hunt Group:

In telephony, line hunting is the method of distributing phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines. Specifically, it refers to the process or algorithm used to select which line will receive the call

Call Queue:

The strict definition of a call queue is that it's where callers are placed on hold, in a queue, while they wait to speak with a live agent. In other words, the call queue is where customers are placed after completing any interactive voice response prompts but before a call center representative has spoken with them.


  • While researching each features, we found that no single person had end-to-end knowledge about the entire product.
  • Currently, when a partner signs up for Control Hub, there was an onboarding team who flew out to conduct a sign-up workshop to help partner get on board. Which means that the user experience is so broken, there was a team made to help partners get onboarded.
  • The current Rialto Portal only has feature edit screens, and does not have First Time user set up process. From our research, we are to come up with First Time Feature Set-up process UX/UI.
  • Add more description content where necessary to make it easier for users to understand what each function does.
  • Interaction design for all the flaw functions in the feature and move and place functions that are out of places.
  • Visual design using Momentum Design system designed for Cisco Webex products. Work the Momentum team to evaluate, check and propose necessary UI designs.

Design System

Using the Momentum design system, the visual design was applied to updated UX design wireframes.

We sought continuous feedback throughout our design process from the design team and the key stakeholders from the product team and did multiple iterations.

Next Steps

The Core Control Hub design team who is in charge of looking over the overall interaction and visual design for the core control hub is to work with our team to come up with an updated Control Hub portal design.