FanCrew fan matching app (Concept)


FanCrew is an app that connects all the fans in your area. The app helps you find new friends to enjoy sports, concerts and other various events together.

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As a sports fan, I had trouble finding friends to go to a sporting event together. I wanted to create a sort of 'Tinder for sports and music fans', that can connect, split payment, meet up and enjoy the event together.


Branding, UI/UX Design, Mobile App Design

User Interview

After the initial idea, I interviewed 25 people from work and my church group. 15 of them were male in their 20s, 5 were male in their 30s and 5 were female in their 20s. 10 of them came from a different city because of their jobs, and 5 of them travel more than 25% of the year for work. All of them were interested in attending sports events in the next 6 months, and all of them were willing to pay more than $100 if their favorite artists were to come to town. 21 of them were open to meeting new people by going to sports games or musical concerts.

User Persona

Based on the interview, I have created 3 different types of personas. One for someone who is new to town and willing to explore, one for someone who travels and wants to explore whenever they are out of town, and one for who is struggling to find people with the same interest.

User Story

Once logged in, the user will be shown list of events in their area by zip code. After the user picks an event they are interested in, they can also view other people who have favorite that event and invite them to attend the event with them. Once invitation has been accepted, both parties have choice to propose seats, and split their payment. After the checkout, the users can use the messaging function to arrange their meet up.