Cisco Digital Engagement Center
Sales Playbook


As one of the main service for Digital Engagement Center, the Sales Playbook website was created to help partners, especially the sales department to effectly pitch, introduce, explain, follow up with their clients to increase sales revenue. The playbook has been created for UC One SaaS, UC One Upsell, and UC One PBX.
The content and the sitemap came from the Project Owner team as Power Point presentation, so the project started from content organization, re-arranging the information architecture to create a site-map that is easier for the user to navigate, and onto wireframe and final design.

Created at:

Cisco Systems Collaboration Technology Group


Creating website for the partner sales team to explain and give tips on how to affectively market and sell UC One products by preparing before, during and after the meeting.


UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Web Design, Front-end Development


Copywrite: Stephen Proulx
Project Owner: Stephen Proulx & Alec Walker
Development: Aki Perez


An online sales tool providing an optimized sales engagement process along with scripts and supporting resources to sell a complete cloud-based Unified Communication solution to an enterprise customer.

Target Audience

  • Sales manager
  • Sales team members
  • Chief Revenue officer: The sales number can directly affect the overall revnue.

Sectional design

Because there were multiple products and multiple stages of the sales process, the different products and stages had to be differentiated by using different secondary colors on the palette and using shades of the colors. Overall, because the purpose of the website is to give information, the design was kept flat and simple, to help the users read easier throughout the site.

Partner Customization

Branding is important. Engagement Center websites provide customization experience for the Partners so they can include their logo, font and color palette.