Cisco Webex Control Hub
Trial Setup & Paid Conversion


Redesign the trial creation, trial setup and trial to paid conversion experience on the partner portal. This experience happens before the First Time Setup Wizard on Control Hub when Partner creates a trial for a customer, and assign services and devices for the organization.

Created at:

Cisco Platform UX team


Control Hub is a portal where all the Cisco Partners contorl, analyze, edit and configure their client sites. As part of redesign process, Platform team dissected the UX interaction of the current design, and update the new UX with the most up to date Momentum Control Hub design system visual design.


UI Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design QA


Interaction Designer: Rachael Marr
Project Owner: Peter Kim


Current flow for Trial and Paid conversion doesn't have the best UX. There are repetitive fields, making it longer for partner to setup, inputs on inappropriate locations, doesn't have clear progress and steps, and visual design is not up to date with the Cisco Momentum design system.

We went through the current process screen by screen to list out the pain points, questions for the Product Team, and track feedbacks from the Product.

Current design analysis

  • Company name input is shown twice.
  • Encryption key storage feels out of place.
  • Country for Users account and Encryption key storage” label is hard to comprehend.
  • No information on any of these products.
  • Inconsistant input sizes and input sub labels.
  • You’re allowed 5 total devices, but allowed 3 from Room Device that limits 1 Room Kit, and 4 frrom Desk Phones, which equals to 7 devices and making is confusing.
  • “1-Room Kit Trial” notification design is out of place.
  • No information on any of these products.
  • Inconsistant input sizes and input sub labels.
  • Two checkmark illustration is meaningless.
  • Description content can be simplified.
  • Exclamation icon is not a good fit with the content.
  • This screen could be combined with the previous screen

Trial Creation: New Design

Redesign the trial creation experience on the partner portal. Partners create multiple clients per day so this process needs to be simple and fluid.

Trial Setup: New Design

Redesign the existing Trial flow to get customers to use our products quickly, and with little additional work.

Paid Conversion: New Design

Take the burden off of Partners completing this flow for their customers. Enable all users to easily identify there organization and connect it to their order.