Cisco Webex 30 day Trial Process


Not all of Cisco partners want to use the custom webex website. Some of them wants to keep it in their own website. For these partners, we have created a trial process for drive users to sign up for free Webex trial. The partners can simply add a button on their website, which will lead the user to free 30-day Webex Trial sign up process.

Created at:

Cisco Systems Collaboration Technology Group:


This brandable trial process is to provide 30-day free Webex Trial experience for businesses who visit Cisco Webex digital website and Cisco partners website. The user experience was kept to minimal steps, with option of adding additional team members, and try-out devices.


UI/UX Design, Web Design


Copywrite: Sandy Leung
Project Owner: Alec Walker
Development: Jonathan Heebner

Partner Customization

Branding is important. The Trial process design provide customization experience for the partners so they can include their logo, font and color palette.

User Flow

Within 3 simple steps, the user can add their admin email account, up to 4 additional team members, order devices for the trial, and check out.